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Nicolas Bouchard

Nicolas-Bouchard-Bellemare completed his training in circus arts at the Quebec Circus School in June 2009, after having followed five years of professional formations. He specializes in duo floor acrobatics. He also focused on developing his skills in cyr wheel, trampoline-wall and teeterboard.

He has always been looking for high sensations; performing across Europe and the U.S. as an acrobat has adequately fulfilled his need. With Duo Reflex, Nicolas recieved the honour, the GOLDEN star, at the 2010 edition of the International Circus Festival “Young Stage” in Basel, Switzerland.

He has also participated in various television shows including “Le plus grand cabaret du monde” in Paris and “La vie est un cirque” in Quebec. Definitely a multidisciplinary artist not to miss!



Outcoming the world of the gymnastics, Marie-Michèle works in the field of acrobatics for over 15 years. The arts of dance and circus were presented to her when the rigidity of the gym did not fit her anymore. Then she began to evolve in an artistic world and get the scene to become her outlet. It is at the École de cirque de Québec that her comic personality becomes free and since it is in the art of clowning she specializes.

According to her, the clown is the one not following the right door, and finds out, despite himself, in completely unexpected situations and when it becomes the main actor. Her inspirations often come to her by true events, where she also found herself in wacky and improbable situations. With circus and clown, she learns to make laugh and touch all at the same time.
Marie-Michèle is a fun spirited young woman, cooperative, and full of enthusiasm, with which it is easy and pleasant to work with.


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